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Single Family Home - Lamont
This Single Family 3 Bedroom home was constructed in 1988.

The home is furnished with a family size refrigerator and a 4 burner stove.

The basement is partially finished with laundry washer & dryer.

A large fenced area.
Rental Information
This home is ideal for single parent with children.

Utilities: Water/sewer and heat included in rent.

Cable/Telephone & Power is the Resident’s responsibility.
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Town of Lamont Amenities
Town of Lamont
The Town of Lamont is an active community with the following amenities within walking distance of the Beaverhill Pioneer Lodge.

  • Lamont Health Care Centre (Acute & LTC)
  • Doctors Offices located in the Archer Building of the Lamont Health Care Centre
  • Dentist office located in downtown Lamont
  • Grocery stores located in downtown Lamont
  • Gas Stations
  • Banks (ATB & Servus Credit Union)
  • Post Office
  • Town of Lamont Curling and Hockey rinks
  • Lamont County - Offices
  • Restaurants
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Social Housing
Social Housing
The Lamont County Housing Foundation operates two single-family homes in Lamont County.

One single-family home is located in Bruderheim and the other in Lamont.

Residents can access their Regional Home Care Program for additional services, as needed.
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